Pain, Pain Go Away, Don't Come Back Another Day...

Pain, Pain Go Away, Don't Come Back Another Day...

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Posted on 08-25-2011

Before I get started on our little blog for today, I just wanted to take a quick sentence and apologize for our typos in our previous blogs and future blogs. Thanks for undersanding.

Now, back to our topic for the day...I just wanted to make sure you guys understand the reason Doctors of Chiropractic are notoriously good at getting rid of pain, not that pain relief is my ultimate goal with my patients, but at the same time nobody wants to hurt and you certainly can't be on the road to wellness (which is our ultimate goal) if you are constantly in a state of pain. 

Sooo, it boils down to the fact that pain is percieved due abberant (irregular) sensory input to the nervous system, and we will refer to this process as nociception.  This nociception further inhibits (blocks) a process known as proprioception (which allows us to detect motion and know where our body is at in space).  Conversely, proprioception inhibits nociception. 

The greatest concentrations of sensory receptors are in the joints.  So when you receive a chiropractic adjustment we are simply introducing proper motion back into the spine and allowing the proprioceptors that are located in muscles, tendons and joints to fire and inhibit nociception (your perception of pain).

To make a long story short by keeping an active lifestyle and getting your spine and extremities checked for motion abberancies, you will be allowing your joints to constantly maintain a full range of motion and pain should stay away.  Life is motion and motion is life!

Be well my friends,

Dr. Ty

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